High quality COVERS for SONOS speakers


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Snow White' - Chill Out Music
Release the stress with this mix of chill out beats – the best choice for your lazy afternoons.
Goes perfectly on your Sonos and ColorYourSound ‘Snow White’ covers for Sonos speakers! 

 Spotify - Snow White 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Back to Black' - Heavy Metal Music 

The best of heavy & trash metal available on Spotify! Loud and heavily distorted guitars for your Sonos speakers.

Don’t forget to put the cover ColorYourSound ‘Back to Black’ for a full experience! ;)

Spotify - Back to Black  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Pomegranate' - Bossa Nova Music
Soak up the sun with these mellow tropical & Bossa Nova sounds.
Our ‘Pomegranate’ playlists and covers for Sonos will make you and your speaker feel ‘warm’ even after the sun goes down.

Spotify - Pomegranate  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Indigo Denim' - Rock Music

The bands who influenced the world with their music. Various songs, various decades, but with one thing in common ‘pure rock’.

Put your ‘Indigo Denim’ cover and rock your Sonos on with these epic tunes!

Spotify - Indigo Denim 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Dark Khaki' - Trip-Hop Music 

A selection of dark and lusty trip-hop songs to whet your appetite.
Includes artists like Massive Attack and Portishead, as well as some underrated gems you may not have heard before.
Enjoy on your Sonos! 

Spotify - Dark Khaki 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Panna Cotta' - Italian Music 

Not only delicious desserts has Italy, but the country is also known as one of the most important nations in musical history. 

Garnish your Sonos with this amazing ‘Panna Cotta’ playlist and lasciatemi cantare!  

Spotify - Panna Cotta 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'White Cotton' - New Age Music

Music wellness for your Sonos speaker.

Put your ColorYourSound ‘White Cotton’ cover and ease your mind with these tunes – perfect for your yoga or meditation routine.

Spotify - White Cotton  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'World White Wood' - Popular Music  

Your favorite new hits at one place, continuously updated to keep you coming back for more.

A playlist as trendy as our ‘World White Wood’ cover for Sonos speakers. Pump up the volume!

Spotify - World White Wood  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Woodstock 2.0' - Live Music

Three days of peace and music and a cover for your Sonos speaker.
Follow the magic now! #woodstock #sonos #coloryoursound

Spotify - Woodstock  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Feel The Beat' - Cover Songs

An excessive collection of acoustic and rock covers, from mashups of new favorites to chilled out versions of classic hits. 

'Feel the beat' on your Sonos and discover your preferred ones! 

Spotify - Feel the Beat  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Evergreen' - Songs of All Time

Throwback to the greatest songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

An excessive collection from Michael Jackson to ABBA perfect for your Sonos and ColorYourSound ‘Evergreen’ cover. Check it now!

Spotify - Evergreen  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'One Love, One Heart' - Portuguese Fado Songs

Often considered as the soul of the Portuguese music, the Fado is all about love, one's destiny and the famous Portuguese "saudade".

Photo: ColorYourSound ‘One Love, One Heart’ cover for Sonos Play:5.

Spotify - One Love 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'The Big Bang - Punk & Ska Music

Bing, Bang, Ouch. Get the party going hard with these hard-edged punk and Ska tunes that will scream the grid out of your Sonos speaker.

Who said that the “Punk is Dead”?

Spotify - The Big Bang  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Red for Love' - Romantic Songs

There is nothing less you can feel about these songs than unconditional love at first listen.

Share the feeling with your beloved ones or cozy up the moment alone in the company of your Sonos speaker.

Spotify - Red for Love  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Let the Sunshine In' - Reggae & Dancehall Music

For rasta vibes, long nights and a whole lot of herb.

Embrace the sounds of these reggae tunes on your Sonos and ‘Let the Sunshine In’. ;)

Spotify - Let the Sunshine In  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Blue Persian Paisley' - Middle Eastern Music

From Morocco to Iran, this playlist is a selection of the most authentic sounds from the rich musical heritage of the Middle East.

Give a proper introduction to their culture on your Sonos now!

Spotify - Persian Paisley  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Mango Tango' - Classical Music

The best classical composers of all time in one playlist.

Take a journey on your Sonos from the renaissance to the modernism, from the opera to the orchestral music with these songs and your ‘Mango Tango’ cover.

Spotify - Mango Tango  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'African Dream' - African & Zulu Music

Seize the dance floor with this playlist of African beats and let the rhythm take over your Sonos speaker.
Where is the 'jungle' in your house? We heard a lion somewhere in your room. ;)

Spotify - African Dreams  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Vanilla Delight' - Jazz Music

The pearls of the jazz music of yesterday and today. A collection of delicate sounds for an unforgettable smooth evenings.

Cover up your Sonos with ColorYourSound ‘Vanilla Delight’ case and relax your mind.

Spotify - Vanilla Delight 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Burberry on LSD' - Electronic Music

Nothing fancy, just some sexy electronic tunes that you will definitely get addicted to.

Listen on your Sonos Speaker for a full sound experience! ;)

Spotify - Burberry on LSD 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Purple Flower Power' - Environmental Music

The real sounds of nature - waves of the ocean, the sound of rain, birds singing.
Just close your eyes and let the music wash over you.

Spotify - Purple Flower Power  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'No Moon But Stars' - Deep Sleep Music

Turn down the lights and shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. #bedtime #sonos #coloryoursound #nomoonbutstars #cover

Spotify - No Moon But Stars  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Proud to be an American' - Hip Hop & Rap Music

Go back to the African-American roots and get turned up with these dope beats,

gathering only the best from both commercial and the underground hip-hop & rap music. God bless the U.S.A!

Spotify - Proud to be an American  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Oh My Deer' - Christmas Songs

Christmas has been the season of spending time with our family and of sharing, caring and giving.

Feel the magic of it with these timeless Chrismas songs and decorate your Sonos with the cover ‘Oh my deer’.

Spotify - Oh my deer 


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Winter is Over' - Fitness & Workout Music

No matter if you train for cardio, strength, endurance or flexibility, this playlist has the right uplifting songs to keep you motivated during your workout.

“Unbrace” your body, cause the winter is over!

Spotify - Winter is Over  


Playlist ColorYourSound 'Saludos desde Cuba' - Cuban & Latin Music

Tobacco, rum and latin rhythms from Varadero to the world.

Bring home the Caribbean feeling and send regards from Cuba through your Sonos!

Spotify - Saludos desde Cuba