ColorYourSound Sonos Play:3 - Saludos desde Cuba - front - close

ColorYourSound 'Saludos desde Cuba' for Sonos Play:3

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  • Remark: Each cover is individual and may look different to the image shown.

  • English: High quality covers for Sonos speakers. Owners of Sonos wireless HiFi systems can now buy matching covers in a variety of colors, allowing them to change the design of their speakers within seconds.

  • Italiano: Un look da designer per gli altoparlanti Sonos.

  • Français: Look de designer pour les haut-parleurs Sonos.

  • Español: Un diseño único para los altavoces Sonos.

  • Português: Um design único para colunas Sonos.

  • Russian: Высококачественный чехол для громкоговорителей Sonos.

  • Japanese: Sonos のスピーカーのための高品質カバー

  • Important: Sonos speaker is not included. Custom duties may apply for countries outside the EU.