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ColorYourSound - a colorful idea



Hi there, I'm Mi Kägi (right)

A lot has to be right in good music equipment: acoustics, operability, design, manufacture, energy use and the price. But, in my opinion, what was missing was the individual design for speakers. With this mind, I had the idea to create ColorYourSound. And here it is! I hope you'll like the product as much as I do. 


Hi there, I'm Marco Bäschlin (left)

Great loudspeakers in beautiful colors and designs? Hack yeah - I have to be part of this new colorful movement. I feel great about the idea bringing color to peoples life and that they can enjoy music also with their eyes. I wish you a lot of fun and amazing interior- and music moments with ColorYourSound.


Our Story

We’ve been fans of the Sonos wireless Hi-Fi system since 2006. Unfortunately, the growing collection of Sonos speakers at home didn’t impress our wives. Although they loved the sound, they didn’t like the functional plastic design. So some creativity was needed: How could we extend the brilliant multi-room music system in our homes and not disrupt our wives chic décor?


In 2012 an idea was born; covers for our Sonos speakers. We created hundreds of prototypes, tested innumerable different kinds of fabric, we designed the perfect method to fasten the covers, and we used only the highest quality materials.


Now we are ready, and we are proud to present over 28 different colors and designs for all types of Sonos speakers. The Swiss designed covers are made out of the finest European technical fabric. The convenient fitting method is customized to perfectly fit the Sonos speakers. The washable covers protect your speakers, while bringing vibrancy beyond sound in to the home.


Welcome to the colorful world of ColorYourSound.

Marco Bäschlin & Mi Kägi



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